15.00-15.45 P.I.M.
16.00-16.45Marie and the Antoinettes
17.00-17.45Asociaal Kabaal
19.00-19.45Magnetic Spaceman
20.00-20.45The Mccurdy Brothers
21.00-20.45Dikke Dennis
22.00-22.45Dukes of Tijuana
23.00-23.45Frenetic Trio
00.00-01.00Blue Grass Boogieman


Frontman Douwe Truijens previously played at RosRock, with Gewapend Beton and Death Alley. Now he’s going to do so with the Splinter! The rest of the band consists of guitarist Sander Bus (Death Alley), keyboard-player Gert-Jan Gutman (Birth of Joy) and drummer Barry van Esbroek (Vanderbuyst). Splinter’s debut album Filthy Pleasures (made under the renowned record label Robotor Records of Berlin’s Kadaver) is “full of music with unadulterated (punk) energy and rock ‘n roll with 60s, 70s and 80s influences. We hear a manic organ, a fresh, light-hearted style, which harks back to the early punk attitude” (NPO).

Bluegrass Boogiemen

The Blue Grass Boogiemen have been playing traditional bluegrass professionally since 1990. Their show has proved to be very successful all over Europe. For instance, in Ireland where they won the ‘Waterford Crystal Bowl’ for ‘most popular band’ at the Guinness International Bluegrass Festival. Or in their native Holland, where they won the ‘Silver Fiddle Award’ and the ‘Gram Parsons Award'(eight times) both for best acoustic country/bluegrass band, and beat Alison Krauss to the number one spot in the ‘Strictly Country’ charts with their first album. They also were voted most popular band by the audience at the European World of Bluegrass festival twice. But also in the US, where they’ve been touring several times, people are enthousiastic about their music. About their recorded work Bluegrass Now magazine wrote: “…they have the tightest harmony of any band I’ve heard“.  

Asociaal Kabaal

Asociaal Kabaal is a Nederpunk collective from Amsterdam, consisting of a 7 piece live band. With strong social subjects under a solid raw sound, they are willing to pierce your eardrums.

Frenetic Trio

From the death metal psychobilly scene of Brazil comes Frenetic Trio. This is the kind of psychobilly that will make most traditional rockabillies sick to their stomachs. Hard, loud, pounding psycho with growled vocals and driving voodoo rhythms. For fans of Os Catalepticos, Pagan Dead, Mad Mongols, and Cannibal Corpse.

Dikke Dennis & de Røckers

Dikke Dennis is a given on RosRock. “Vette zanger, vette band”, in every sense of the word. The illustrious Amsterdam cult legend has his own band now. With Peter Pan Speedrock he always only participated in two songs, but the role of a full-fledged frontman is made for him. Full of surrender and dedication, he dives head-first into the deep end. With the Røckers he takes his own songs and punk rock classics to a higher level.

Magnetic Spacemen

An unadulterated mix of gritty garage rock, surfy post-punk and 60’s beat, packed in catchy songs and a tight-energy show full of unpredictable madness. Magnetic Spacemen brings the party to surrender to after a long time and makes you long for a full pounding pit!
(for fans of: Oh Sees, FIDLAR, Pixies, Meatbodies en together PANGEA)

Marie and the Antoinettes

Marie and the Antoinettes is a psychedelic folkband based in Amsterdam. They started out playing Marie’s compositions, hence the name. Her style could be described as a blend of folky guitar chords and soulful vocals, with moods ranging from sweet to dark. With other band members adding their flavor to the mix, a sound of bluesy, psychedelic, jazzy, and even f/punky elements emerged – tinged with a political message.

The McCurdy Brothers

They began as two Hillbilly buskers filling the markets of Norwich. Their crazy electric Swamp-billy has turned into a formidable rockabilly blues machine, sweeping through local Norwich venues with their own take on a ginormous blues sound. Playing homemade instruments made out of junk they can find, scavenge or barter for and influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, BB King and Muddy Waters, this unique duo will leave you rasping and screaming.

Dukes of Tijuana

Mixing both authentic Rockabilly with 80’s Neo-Rockabilly make any concert of the German band Dukes of Tijuana a great experience.


Super local will be the performance of the P.I.M (“plezier in muziek”). The fanfare group is from the very village – Rossum – that has had to endure listening to noise coming from our orchard/backyard for many years now. We are proud to announce P.I.M as the opening act of RosRock 2023!

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